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New Journal – Animal Sentience: An Interdisciplinary Journal on Animal Feeling

“ANIMAL SENTIENCE is the world’s first journal on animal feeling (and at least two of our editors are vegan). Animal Sentience is free and open to everyone. New articles are being added weekly. Please check it out, and see what leading scholars are saying about animal experiences, fish pain, veterinary responsibility, animal grief, and more.” (Jonathan Balcombe)


As an interdisciplinary journal, ASent will be of interest to all who are concerned with the current empirical findings on what, when and how nonhuman animals feel, along with the practical, methodological, legal, ethical, sociological, theological and philosophical implications of the findings.

Publication Schedule

Papers will be published online as soon as they have been peer-reviewed, accepted and edited. For citation purposes, the volume number will be the year of publication and the issue number will correspond to the sequential order in which papers appear in the journal. (Quotations can be located by section heading and paragraph number.) The submission process is automated through the Journal’s website.


Editor-in-Chief: Stevan Harnad, PhD, University of Quebec at Montreal
Associate Editors: Andrew Rowan, DPhil, Humane Society International
Jonathan Balcombe, PhD, Humane Society Institute for Science and Policy
Managing/Copy Editor: Ann Casper, Animals and Society Institute

Link to the Journal.

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